Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Tag It!

After seeing so many beautiful handmade tags, I have decided I want to make them as well. 

There are just a few problems with this idea. 1) I have no idea HOW to make a tag, 2) I have no clue what i NEED to make a tag, and 3) Do I have the TALENT to make a tag? Other than that....I am good to go...lol!

I am researching now on different techniques and various styles. I am also trying to ascertain where to purchase the necessary items needed to make my tag. (I would like to keep my first born...some of these prices are.....GULP!)

Since I have not quite found the answers to all the above, I can show a few Tags I found on Pinteret I think are gorgeous and inspiring. 
Please Enjoy

Tropical Floral Swirls Tag
Blue Tag
Created by "Just My Scrapping World"
Unknown. Uploaded by User
Paper Doll Round Robin Sign in Page

Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. The beauty about tags is they are small and you can use whatever you want to decorate them! Just go for it! And I love the purple - also one of my favorite colors ! Orange just seems to bring out the creative energy where I work! :)

  2. Thank you Rita for your kind words!!! Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. Hi ya! was just going to say the same thing as Rita, tags are very handy in size and there are absolutely no rules on how to make them either! *smiling* I would do just what you're already doing, checking out blogland and picking out things that I like and then just start experimenting. Boy you have no idea how many layouts I have binned during these passed years ... Thanks so very very much for your visit and for leaving beautiful comment. Guess what, I started EXACTLY like you only a very few years ago. Made gazillion mistakes, tried again, my one regret is that I didn't take any online classes which would have saved me like a year of constant chagrins and frustrations not understanding anything about mixed media or how to use products. Main thing after all, is to have fun! Take care, be good! xxx

  4. Boy that blue tag is really gorgeous isn't it!? You know, for great pricing I usually use Amazon or Overstock. You wouldn't automatically think of them for art supplies but they offer some wonderful deals so maybe that will help. Happy hunting!


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