Thursday, July 11, 2013

Where Bloggers Create 2013 and A GiveAway!

Hello Blog Land and Welcome to my tiny creative space.

This is my first year joining this huge event hosted by the amazing Karen from "My Desert Cottage" and "Valentine Designs"

As you will see, I do not have a Grand Studio with all the bells and whistles.
Instead, I have an oh so tiny little corner that needs a lot of attention!!
I have everything stuffed to the brim......lol
 Here is one angle of the entire space! 
As you can see, I have had to be creative with storage. 
Some of my scrapping supplies are tacked onto thick cardboard I have sitting on the floor.
It helps me see more of what I have and sometimes inspires me to just "create"!
 Another angle of my space.

I do not have a desk. 
Instead I use an old oblong kitchen table.
Half the table is used to display some of my ribbons and trims, tools, glitters, paints, brushes, mists, etc.
 A closer look at one of my large baskets filled with various laces, ribbons, and trims. 
I try to keep them color coordinated. 
There are a few peacock feathers too....lol
This is the only bookcase that would fit into my tiny corner. 

I have it somewhat organized and it holds most of my supplies believe it or not.

I have wanted to paint the bookcase for a year....lol. I just keep putting it off!
Maybe by  next year I will have that done.

To the right of the white plastic drawers is my pitiful collection of papers and unused printed images.
I am slowly working on adding more, though where to put them....lol.

The 2 plastic white drawers hold a ton of beads, wire, findings, more craft supplies, and anything else I can fit in there.
On the far right of the middle shelf 2 wicker baskets are full of fabrics, millinery, appliques, laces, and other embellishments.
This darker Wicker Basket is home to what inks and ink supplies I have.
The little tool cubby the ink basket sits atop holds tons of little beads, pins, organza bags, items to be recycled, and more beads....hahaha.

Beside the tool cubby is another little plastic container with three drawers. These hold all my charms and some of my chains.
I have a LOT of charms!
This is another little dish I found at the dollar store and it holds scraps of ribbons, trims, lace, and burlap.

To the right you see my little black book of all my computer sites, groups, etc, along with a journal, my "Bills" folder and a purple little plastic drawer cubby full of office supplies.
 One of my Christmas Angels. I just love her so much I decided to keep her out. 
I think she is so pretty.

To the left of the Angel is a little painting of purple roses on an easel my wonderful and talented friend Caroline from the blog "Cinderella Moments" made for me. (She makes the most awesome and amazing doll houses!!!

To the right of the Angel you can see my tiny "Fairy Journal" I made.
Above my Angel is a tag created by one of my favorite Artists, Astrid, from the blog "Astrid's Artistic Effort".

When I start to doubt my career/artistic path, I just look at that tag with such a meaningful quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:
"The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams"
 I have 2 Boards I use to show off my current favorite pretties, purple stuff, and anything that strikes my fancy.

The picture quality on these boards did not come out very well so I hope you can at least get an idea of the treasures I have there.
On this board in the middle you can see 2 little vintage clutches from the 1920's.
They are very heavy being made of chain or something. 
Reminds me of the stuff a Knights Armor was made of. 
 This is the half of the kitchen table I "work" on.
You can see my Purple Ipod....I listen to music occasionally when I am creating.
 The top 2 shelves of my bookcase house flowers, ribbons, buttons, more flowers, a few trinkets I love, and more jewelry/crafting supplies.
 One of the glass trays of vintage chain and pearls on the second shelf of the bookcase.
 A huge punch bowl full of vintage bling, bits, and bobs displayed on the top shelf of my bookcase.
 A closer look of the trinkets I have on the top shelf of my bookcase.
I have a set of "Foo Lions" that were my grandmother's on the far left.

On the right you can see a glimpse of a journal cover I altered along with ribbons, and my business card in a frame....lol.
 Another view of my "work station" 
I love having things within arms length!!
 Meet "FiFi"....she is my pet poodle that works with me all the time...haha
 Yet another view of my kitchen table.
You can see the beautiful scarf in the front my good friend Carole from the Blog "Soulfelt Creations" made for me.

Since I can not wear it at the moment with all this summer heat, I thought I could at least look at it......Thank you again Carole!!
 In this photo you can see to the left side of my table. 
My printer is over there along with another bowl full of trims and a mirror I had painted white.

You can also see a part of my Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collage I created years ago.

Well, I suppose that wraps up the tour of my teeny tiny space.
Someday I hope to have a beautiful shabby studio with tons of storage and a REAL Desk....lol
(A girl can dream right..hahaha)

Now for my Giveaway!
There is something for everyone here.
Beads, Earrings, Necklace, Scrap Supplies, 6x6 card stock paper from the "Romance Novel and Firefly Collection", tags, more beads, and whatever else I can throw in there...lol!

All you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this post.
If I have enough participation I will announce the winner on Monday July 22, 2013.
This is for US Residents only.....sorry my international friends.

Thank you so much for dropping by
Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. Oh Tracie your space does not look tiny to me, it looks like a mansion compared to my space. I have a old fashioned enamel table with 2 storage bins like you and a shelf that sits on top of my table. I love your cardboard you pin supplies on. You have given me an idea. Thank you. I love your creative space. May be next year I can share my space.
    Hugs to you.
    Kim :)

  2. I am delighted to meet you! You have SO many beautiful things for display in your lovely space!

    Thanks for sharing! Would love for you to visit my new space as well!

    Create With Joy

  3. Thank you very much for opening your studio and showing me your beautiful space. I really like how you have surrounded yourself with the things you enjoy and are inspired by. Creative Hearts are Happy Hearts Dear...

  4. Tracie, I like your little space - it's so colorful and cozy and happy! :-) I particularly like your inspiration boards. This gives me an idea of what to put on my own blank wall. Thanks! :-)

  5. Your creative space is really pretty - small, but fine, and so well organised and displayed! Valerie

  6. I love seeing other people's workspace. It's small but so well organized. I love your boards. It keeps everything looking neat. You have made yourself such a cozy place to create your beautiful art. I am so honored that you mentioned me! You are such a sweetie!

  7. Hi Tracie,
    You have done a great job with limited space! Just remember we all start somewhere. I started years ago on a card table in that family room of mine, with a TV tray as a side kick! Have a great time party hopping!
    Hugs and love Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies

  8. Hi Tracie, You have an incredible creative space. I love how organized you are and all your treasures ready when needed. Love your angel as she watches over your space as you work. The best studios are not large ones, but those that put good use to the size they have.

    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
    Sending hugs your way.
    Celestina Marie

  9. Awesome space Tracie, I think it's wonderful and I have to tell you that I LOVE Miss "FiFi!" Big hugs to you ... Carole xox

  10. Wow! I love the way you have everything in its place. Your design boards are a genius idea. I will have to try that. Your earrings on etsy are so pretty. I will see you at the Bead Hoarders Blog Hop. I will be there with my jewelry blog, drygulchbeadsandjewelry.blogspot. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space.

  11. So organized and I love the kitchen table idea! I love your "little" space that holds a lot of tools of the trade and tons of inspiration! Take care!

  12. Your "little" space is lovely! Sometimes I think it is better to have a smaller space - this way you do not get so distracted and less to clean! Thanks for the tour. Cheers from Singapore (but I have a US post box : ) )

  13. Well, I'm right on board with you, as for making due with tiny spaces! You've made yours both pretty to look at, but also functional! Loved meeting FiFi! Loved your fairy journal, so sweet!.. Loved your wicker baskets for storage too! (You can't have EVERYTHING stored in Sterlite! It just gets too cold and impersonal looking!.. at least I think so, anyways!).... Thanks for sharing your creative space! I enjoyed stopping here today! ~tina

  14. Your blog is beautiful and you have done an incredible job with your small space. Just amazing, really, as to how much you have stored there and how pretty it looks. One of my favorite things about this blog-hop is meeting new bloggers and I am your newest follower.

  15. You've done great with the space you have. My mom would love your blog and your space with all the purple.....it's her favorite color! I'll be downsizing in the next year, so I'm hunting for storage solutions.


  16. I think your little space is lovely Tracie. It allows you create beautiful things and makes your heart sing while doing so. What more could we ask for?? Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  17. I think you've carved out a great space for yourself, Tracie! You've got everything right at your fingertips. I started out in a small area of the garage at our old house, so I know how it is with a small space!

  18. I JUST moved into a place where i am going to finally have a dedicated craft room, but before this I had everything in my master bedroom, so I understand about wanting more space. You, however, have created a beautiful nook in which to create, with loads of inspiration and organization. Thanks for showing everyone that it IS possible to make beautiful things no matter what size space you have to work in.

  19. Traci --
    Your creative space may be small girlfriend - but it packs ALOT of punch! You have managed to fill it with the most wonderful creative treasures -- that lace is gorgeous -- and the buttons!!! Your room is so pretty and colorful - and cheerful -- you can tell that is a wonderful inspiring place for you to make your beautiful designs.

    Thanks dear Traci for coming to see my little space too -- your visit is precious to me.


  20. wow Traci what a devine space you have, love that all your treasures are on display too, i wish i could achieve such a warm eclectic design in my craft space while still keeping it organised, i have ocd and i just cant seem to manage to get my head around an ordered mish mash, LOVE YOUR SPACE, thanks for sharing

  21. Oh, your space is so fun to look at! I really like the bowls of goodies ... it must be fun to go "shopping" in them when you are creating.

  22. You've done an amazing job with having such a small space to work with. We small space artists have to be realllly creative! And you have done just that! Thanks for the tour Tracie, it was fun!

  23. I really love how you have utilized every square inch of your space! The wicker baskets and pretty glass bowls and dishes are a great idea for organizing everything! I also love your inspiration board! You have inspired me to create one of my own! Thank you for the tour, and for offering a great giveaway, too:)

  24. Another purple lover here... WOW! You have so much packed into your wee space ~ I love how you've combined storage with display! Thanks for showing us around ~

  25. I'm leaving a comment anyway cause your space is lovely! I like the idea of leaving a basket of goodies or on the cardboard to see what you have! Might have to do that with my new stuff! I do live in Canada, so do not add me to your draw. Feel free to visit my blog when you get a chance! Hugs! http://connell-crafts.blogspot.ca/

  26. loved touring your great creative space! It has been so fun making my way through the list! Great giveaway also which I would love to win and add to my stash!!

    bee blessed

  27. Oh I am having a giveaway too after the blog party is over, only I have not decided what it will be yet. But it will be announced soon. your space kind of reminds me of mine, and I am in love with my studio. I love what you are giving away too. a am Happy blogging party. your blog is lovely! I am a follower.

  28. Your space is charming. You've made the most of it that is for certain! I have been wanting to paint my bookshelf too I keep hoping some pixies or gnomes will paint it at night while I'm sleeping ... guess that only works with shoemakers and shoes.

  29. Very cute space (small or not), I like the vintage clutches. Thanks for sharing!!

  30. Very nice space Tracie! Love the texture of the wicker baskets. Thanks for the tour!

  31. Hello Tracie
    I love all of your beautiful and different containers for storing all of your embellishments. Everything looks so colorful and pretty with so many of your millinery flowers around and love also your board of your inspiring works.
    Thank you also Tracie for posting my Giveaway dear on your sidebar - you will be in for another chance.
    I'm sorry that I cannot be in yours but perhaps another time!
    Sending thanks for a lovely visit,

  32. Looks to me like you do a great job to me. Thanks for letting me visit!


  33. I think you have absolutely made the very most of your small space. Everything is so well organized and looks lovely. I love the way you have lots of your pretties out in plain sight to inspire you--You inspire me.Thanks for sharing. Mary

  34. I'm impressed with your space. It is incredible organized. I'm a new jewelry designer and I got some great ideas from you. Thank you!

    I'd love to win the give away.

  35. I'm crazy about Buffy the Vampire Slayer... Oh, I drifted. I love your use of such a small space. It is just packed with all sorts of goodies, and adorable. I went from always having small spaces, to owning a bead shop and having a couple thousand square feet, and then back to the corner of a basement. Finally, I have a large space of my own. Artist's always get by, and we always accumulate more cool stuff. Thanks for sharing, and for coming by my blog.
    Gwen Simmons

  36. What a great space!! Love how you displayed some of your treasures!!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!


  37. Your space may be small, but out of little comes big! Thanks for sharing.


  38. you have a beautiful space, lots of insperation everywhere you have turned it inot a fantastic cative place to be!

  39. Thank you for visiting my studio and for your nice comments. I enjoyed the tour of your organized space. I really like all the baskets and dishes you used to store your supplies.

  40. Thanks for sharing, love the "purple" Well organised.


Thank you for taking the time to let me know what you think!! I Love your comments!

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