Monday, March 29, 2010

Edi's Little Treasures

"Little Treasures" are right!! So many beautiful items in Edi's Etsy Shop.....Let the drooling begin!!

Wire Wrapping is not as easy as it sounds. It really is an Art. I can not tell you how much wire I have wasted just doing basic wire! Edi, however, makes it look so easy. Her designs are so beautiful and elegant.

With Mother's Day fast approaching you are sure to find the "Perfect" gift such as these Blue Chalcedony Earrings.

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  1. Those earrings are so very pretty! I love the wire work on them, and they are delicate and really feminine. Nice feature! :) Theresa

  2. And some of her designs are so intricate! I can't even imagine being able to do that. I love Edi's designs.

  3. Awww thank you .. too kind, too kind (taking a bow).Thank you Tracie, for featuring me on your blog.
    We share one thing for sure.. the love of the color purple.. first time I saw her on twitter, I had to comment on her purple rose :),
    You're a great Lady, and a great friend, thank you.. big (((HUGS)))

  4. Edi, you are wonderful!! Purple is the best color but we can not hold it against everyone for not having!!!

    We have to play nice with ALL the!

    Your wire wrapping is amazing and I thank you for your support!!

  5. Such beautiful jewelry & so much talent.
    That wire wrapping is so hard!
    I love Edi's shop & she's a lovely lady too.
    Congrats on the feature!

  6. Oh, Edi's a favorite of mine, such talent! I'd love to be able to wire wrap like that, but yeah, I make enough of a mess out of my simple wraps! :D

  7. These earrings are awesome!! Beautiful!!

  8. Aww thank you all you are too kind


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