Sunday, April 18, 2010

My First Ever Treasury

I have never made a Treasury before. So when people on Twitter started talking about this new Treasury East and how simple it is to make one I figured I would give it a shot. (Please be kind).

Let me tell you, it is not that easy to make a Treasury!! There are so many talented Artists out there and of course you want to include your friends that have been generous enough to feature your work!!

You try to pick things that match, or at least work together, but darn it all, that is not an easy feat!

So to all you "Treasury Curators", "Kudos" to you guys!!! You make it look so easy.

Please take a moment to visit my Treasury "A Few of My Favorites" and give it some Love! Thank you Everyone!!


  1. I was just adding a new feature to my blog where you list the blogs you follow and I noticed your article about your first treasury!!!! It's lovely....I just love purple too! :-)

    Thank you so much for adding my fingerless crochet mittens to your list! :-)

  2. You did a wonderful job! I love Treasury East. LOL It is indeed very hard to make them when there are so many talented artisans about. I always feel a little guilty afterwards. Why can't I include 50 or so items in one treasury??? Theresa

  3. Love it! The colors of spring with a purple backdrop!

  4. I was able to get my 1st treasury done to with the Treasury East. Your selections are beautiful! It's fun to be able to have your favorites shown.

  5. Thank you guys for the support!! I might just have to try and make another one very soon!!

  6. You did a splendid job, Tracie. You're right...the hardest part is choosing among all the wonderful artisans.

  7. you have an excellent eye for colour! You make it look effortless (^_^) I hope there'll be many more to come!
    (Beautiful shop by the by!)

    Chloe x

  8. Hi Tracie! Just took a closer look & left a comment - it's absolutely beautiful! Definitely looking forward to your future contributions. :) Hope you enjoy your Tuesday!

  9. It's a beautiful treasury! Be careful, treasury making can be very addictive. Trust me, I know! Anyone know of a good treasury 12 step program? ;)


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