Friday, June 11, 2010

The Purple Corner - AEnigmaSoul

It has been a while since I have teased and tantalized you guys with a beautiful Purple creation!!!

Today I want showcase these "Purple Dangle Earrings" by AEnigmaSoul

Made of sterling silver wire, adorned with beautiful purple amethyst (11mm) briolettes, and amethyst roundels, these are one of the most beautiful pair of long dangling earrings!! (I want, I want, I want!!!!)

So go on and take a look in her Etsy shop for other amazing pieces sure to make you drool!!!

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  1. What a gorgeous purple pick Tracie. AEnigmaSoul's work is stunning!

  2. Oh man - those are gorgeous! Nice pick, Tracie!

  3. Those are pretty and unique! Great find.

  4. Gorgeous earrings! I love the wire design.

  5. Love these! I visited the shop and other shop itemsare equally intricate and beautiful!


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