Thursday, January 19, 2012

What am I up to?

It is not a secret I have been absent from my Etsy Shop.  I am currently working on new items I hope to have listed very soon. I find I am frustrated however, because I have so many ideas and have no clue how to implement them.

I would love to branch out into making bridal bouquets or any type of silk floral arrangement, cuff bracelets, and hair fascinators. All of this in addition to my Purskeys, Earrings and Charm bracelets.  I of course have no idea where to begin in making a silk flower, much less a bouquet or fascinator and how exactly do you make the cuff?? I can not even tie a decent bow!!!

I have also been trying to start working with sterling silver. I didn't know Dead Soft from Half Hard and in truth I am still a bit confused :-)
I have to figure out what gauge wire I need because honestly some of the beads have such tiny holes, and what the heck is a troy ounce?? Thank goodness for a friend of mine and Google, without them I would still be weeping in my mocha!

Any help, advice, instructions, links, or opinions are greatly appreciated!!!

This Princess Dream Bouquet by Croska on Etsy is gorgeous. How do you make something like this? Do you make the flowers yourself and if so what kind of material is used or do you order them from somewhere? Where do you get the lace and feathers and how are you supposed to keep it together??
 I love this Peacock Fascinator by Etsy artist MillieICARO. What kind of clip is used, where do you get the cool feathers, how do you adhere everything to the clip or comb. How do you know what size you need and how much to charge?
This cuff bracelet "Romantic Dreams" by cynthiacouture on Etsy is magnificent. How do you get the cuff, do they come pre-made or do you have to make it from metal yourself? And all those gorgeous stones and embellishments, how do you get them onto the magic cuff??  I really love the way this bracelet is tied to your finger. I want it for myself!!!

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I really can use all the help I can get!


  1. Maybe this will help

    She has a lot of useful guides so I will leave a link to them


  2. Thank you!!! I might get to keep my hair after all!!!!

  3. My etsy shop is sorely neglected, and Google is my best friend too. Thanks for visiting and leaving me such a sweet comment. I'm returning the follow.

  4. I love looking stuff up on YouTube. There are so many tutorials on there. Otherwise, just type tutorial for what you want on Google and you'll find blogs with loads of info.
    What to charge for your stuff is the part I have the most trouble with. I'd start by looking at what others charge for the same items. Then see what it costs you and figure a little profit.
    I know starting is so hard when you have so many ideas coming out at once. But have fun!

  5. Thank you Caroline. I have already started google-ing :-)


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