Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dean Designs Shop Make-Over

I am so grateful to all my friends and followers for the support and encouragement during my hiatus.  I would not be here today without you guys!! (Group Hug)

I am very happy to announce my Etsy Shop, "Dean Designs", is once again open for business. So come on in!

I have designed a new line of Purskeys called the "Mini Purskey". Smaller versions of the original Purskey and you can use them on clutch purses, wristlets, wallets, phone cases or as a necklace charm/pendant.

I am also pleased to introduce my new Bridal Collection. Perfect adornments for the Bride to Be and her Bridesmaids.

I am very excited about my new creations and I hope you will too.

Comments and Suggestions are always welcome!
Rainbow Mini Purskey

Pale Pink Swirl Mini Purskey

White Pearls Bridal Bracelet
Pearl Ice Bridal Pendant
Lavender and Plum Bridal Bracelet

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