Friday, May 18, 2012

The Purple Corner - Shadow Dog Designs

Yikes!!! Looks like it has been a while since I showed off an amazing Purple creation! Wait no more my friends.

Be inspired by these gorgeous Purple Agate Druzy Earrings, handmade by ArtFire Artist, Cathrine, of Shadow Dog Designs.

Druzy Agate is used to bring inner peace and increase one's ability to give and receive love. Silver is the metal of love and healing. (Awesome! I didn't know that)

You can find and follow Shadow Dog Designs


  1. What an extremely nice surprise, Tracy! Thank you so much for the feature. To tell the truth, I'm amazed those earrings are still in my studio. They are soooo much better in real life. Thanks again, my friend!

  2. I have always loved those awesome purple beads!

  3. Mesmerizing! They are so interesting.


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