Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Today is the day I have been waiting forever for it seems like. My Desert Cottage's 4th annual Where Bloggers Create 2012 begins Today!!!

Once you see the awesome place Karen gets to work and play you will find a list about midway down of other participating blogs to visit.

If you want to find me, I am lost in all these beautiful studios and work rooms, drooling over all the pretties and finding inspiration for my own small work area.

Why don't you grab a snack and a drink and join me. There are so many magical places to visit!!!

Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. Oh I was going to participate in this, always so much fun, but just didn't have time this year. I'm so glad you're involved, it's a wonderful way to meet new bloggers and make new friends so here's hoping you have a wonderful time!

  2. Thanks Sharon!!! I am having a blast looking at everything. I enjoy being able to take my time. I have already found a few new blogs to follow.

    Next year, I hope to have MY space featured.

  3. Its a fun tour, isn't it? Thanks for coming by!

  4. Hello and thanks for becoming my latest follower and for leaving a comment, much appreciated. I have had a terrible time finding your blog so that I could comment. The first page I was lead to as I clicked on your name (on the comment you left me) took me to a strange page that was hard to navigate through. I have finally come to this page but it took quite afew minutes. I just thought I'd let you know because most people probably wouldn't be as persistent as me. The reason I was so determined to find this 'normal' blog page and comment was because you had been so kind to me. I wanted to return the favour. I still haven't seen your studio, do I have to go to Karen V's site and click on you there???

  5. I just went to WBC 2012 and your blog is not listed???? I'm confused.


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