Sunday, February 17, 2013

Doctor Who???

This picture filled post is dedicated to all the "Die Hard" Whovians out there.
Pictures were collected from Pinterest and Facebook
Hope You Enjoy!!

Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. Thanks for sharing the many faces of Dr. Who Tracie! My husband has been watching this as long as I have known him - over 25 years. He got me hooked back when it was the curly-haired doctor with the long scarf and then I saw older doctors in reruns! I have not been able to catch it lately and so I am not sure what this means about the Ponds being no more, but I intend to find out! So I leave you with something I heard recently from a Whovian who got a valentine card that said ... are you ready? "You are Dalektable!" I thought it was adorable and only with I had thought of it myself! Have a lovely day Tracie!

  2. I love Dr Who!! Right from the early series, to now.... how cool seeing this pic art of the various episodes. When I was a little girl, I'd hear the music and run to the tele - that noise the tardis (spelling?) makes used to send shivers down my spine. LOL


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