Thursday, March 25, 2010

Faery Moon Creations

Spring is in the air and I want to share with everyone the beautiful and whimsical designs of Theresa, from Faery Moon Creations.

Theresa is a wonderful support and talented Artist!! She always knows how to turn my "Frown" upside down!

These "Gardens of Versaille" Earrings are just beautiful!!

Theresa features several different "Collection" Series in her shop so you are sure to find that perfect gift!

Faery Moon Creations on Twitter
Faery Moon Creations on Facebook
Faery Moon Creations Blog


  1. Thank you Theresa for being a wonderful friend and a great support!!

    You have an amazing shop full of beauties!!!

  2. I love the delicate feel in most of Theresa's work. Really beatiful.

  3. You found something with a bit of purple-hurray! Thank you so much for posting this lovely feature of my shop. You are a very giving person, and I greatly appreciate your support as well. Thank you for being a terrific friend! :) Theresa


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