Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anne Hopfer -On Fire for Handmade

I want to say a huge Thank-You to Anne Hopfer for all her wonderful support and creativity!!

Anne is the creator of a fairly new group on Facebook called "On Fire for Handmade"

She also has a lovely Etsy shop "Made for Me by Oaklie", full of beautifully handmade scarves and crocheted necklaces.

My favorite is this "Knit Scarf Plum Stripe Sparkle"...(I would look way too good in this!!!

Please drop by the new Facebook group and say hello!!! Then if you want you can drop on over to her Etsy shop and buy me this scarf!!...really I would not


  1. I think Anne has a wonderful Etsy shop and her new group "On Fire for Handmade" is a great place to find amazing talent and friendly people!!!

  2. Awe... this is so sweet Tracie!! Thanks soooo much.. You have me laughing too! The scarf matches your page perfectly!! LOL
    Hugs to you!!! Made my night!!!


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