Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Purple Corner-TJBdesigns

My "Purple Pick" for today is by one of my favorite Artists "TJBdesigns on Etsy".

Tommye makes the most wonderful scissor fobs that are classy, elegant, fun, whimsical, and just plain practical when you want to keep those cutting babies close at hand!!!

The "Purple Butterfly Scissor Fob" is one of my most favorites!!

"This scissor fob features a sweet little purple cloisonne butterfly bead, accented in light amethyst and pink beads. The rich purple tassel is also handmade by Tommye. None of your stitching friends will ever mistake your scissors for theirs with this unique scissor fob. And because her fobs are attached by a loop of chain not a lobster claw, they will fit on any size scissor handles. This also keeps the beads away from the scissors and out of your palm as you use them."

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  1. Thank you so much, Tracie! I am honored by such a compliment from someone who's talent and taste I admire so much.

  2. Just beautiful, but then she always does such lovely work.


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