Sunday, May 27, 2012

THE Z BOX - Zibbet Sampler Box promotion

Some of you might remember I recently opened a Zibbet Shop. They have a wonderful community over there. Everyone is very supportive and lends a helping hand.

Zibbet also has this "Promotion" for the Zibbet Community where an Artist sends in samples of their work. These samples are combined with other Artists' samples into a wonderful little arrangement called the "Z Box".

The "Z Box" is available for purchase and all our pretty little samples are just waiting to be admired by the new owner. 

Here are a few I am sending in
Spring Garden Beaded Bracelet

Funky Donut Earrings

The Artists send in their business information and the more you participate the more Zibbet advertises YOUR Business for you. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to get your name and product out there. (No, I do not send in samples of my high dollar items, I am not

After looking into this a bit I have found many Artists DO benefit from this promotional gig and make real sales because of it. (Maybe not on Day 1, but, hey, nobody is perfect)

So, I have decided to try my luck, send in samples and start participating in this "Z Box" Promotion. 

These are two more I am also sending 
Yellow Daisy Purskey

Black and White Earrings

This is how I packaged everything. Not very fancy.

This is the back of my business card with all my info

Tell all your Friends and Family!
Wish me Luck!!

You can purchase a "Z Box" here

My Zibbet Shop can be found here


  1. Wow! I knew you were working on a new lay out for your blog but didn't realize it was up until this post! Wow - does it ever look fabulous! And I love the idea of the "Z Box" - what fun! I have a Zibbet shop, too, but have hardly done anything with it. Just not enough hours int he day it seems. Good luck to you!

  2. Your blog looks fantastic! Great new design. I opened a Zibbet shop too. It's still on vacation. I have to make some stuff to put in there. Let me know how your shop does. And if it's better than Etsy.

  3. Thank you both!! I hope to be lucky and do well with the Z Box. Word of mouth advertising is wonderful right now!!!

  4. Nice post! I am in the May Z box also and should be in the June one. Hopefully it will benefit us both!
    Jenny from


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