Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My First Custom Necklace

I was very fortunate to have a lady ask me to make her a necklace to match a shirt she had recently purchased. I was overjoyed!! "Of course" I told her. "It would be an honor". So here is a picture of the Shirt that was the inspiration behind the necklace.

For the necklace, I used an 18" Swarovski Chain, Swarovski Crystals, 10mm Pink Fossil Beads, 8mm Neon Hot Pink Fossil Beads, Pink Round Mother of Pearl Beads, Pink and Black Swarovski Elements, and a Pink Swarovski Flower Charm.
I hand wrapped each bead onto the chain.
I was worried she might want something a little flashier, but she was thrilled with the way it turned out and had me make a matching set of earrings!!!
I am so glad I was able to create something that made her very happy.

Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. That matches exactly! That is so wonderful. Lucky gal!

  2. Yay - congratulations! The necklace is perfect with the shirt! Wishing you many more custom requesta (:

  3. What a lovely cascade of colors. I bet she is enchanted by it!

  4. Thank you all for such lovely compliments. She was very happy!!

  5. How gorgeous! I love to wear pretty necklaces like this one! You are very talented!


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