Friday, October 26, 2012

12 Tags of Christmas Week #2

Good Day everyone. Today I want to share I tag I made for the 12 Tags of Christmas Challenge going on at the Funkie Junkie.

I did Week #3 a while back. You can see that post here if you wish.

I am totally behind. She is already on Week #6. (big sigh).

Anyway, here is a picture of her Inspiration Tag
Funkie Junkie Tag Week #2  

Now, I do not have any of the supplies Linda used in making this awesome tag.  So I had to do a little creative thinking....ha, I try not to think to often...makes my head hurt :-)

Any way, here is a picture of my Tag
I love her Santa and her background. Since we know I do not have those materials the first thing I thought of was tin foil. Right from the kitchen. You read correctly. I took a jumbo manilla tag and used tin foil to "wrap" it.

I then used black ink to try and smudge the silver a bit. In some places it looked more blue. Of course that was before it dried.  (On a side note, if you ever decide to ink tin foil, don't. It took me 3 days to blot, and dry it.) However, I really do like the way it turned out.

I used a snowflake template I had found on the web, printed it on white cardstock paper and  then cut them out. I wanted more silver, but I refused to use more tin foil...hahaha. Then I remembered I had silver glitter and silver glitter glue.

I used the silver glitter glue first and then took a small paint brush to even it out some. I sprinkled the silver glitter on top while it was still wet. When the glitter was completely dry I took my Modge Podge and painted a thin layer on top of the glitter to help keep it from coming off on my fingers. (You just have to love Modge Podge)

I cut out a printed Santa and a printed tag looking ticket. I used silver ribbon and made a little bow with a silver button middle between the snowflakes.
I used part of a silver bead strand from the dollar store to frame around my Santa. I thought it looked pretty cool.

Thanks for letting me share my little tag with you. Hope you like it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Weekend!!

Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. Wonderful tag Tracie, you did a fabulous job! And my friend might I add how much I love to visit you, it always feels so warm and comfy here. Thanks so much Tracie, you are a gem! Hugs ... Carole

    1. Carole, that is so wonderful for you to say. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Your kindness knows no bounds and I am grateful for your friendship and support!!

  2. Wow, what an amazing tag!! Gorgeous details!! ~ Blessings, Tracey

    1. Thank you Tracey!! Such a wonderful Compliment. Have a great weekend.

  3. Wow, amazing job Tracie! I too have used aluminum foil in the past - LOL. And I hae hear of others using silver metallic tape from the hardware store. You really went to great lengths to follow my lead on this one and it came out very cool. I'm so pleased that you are play along with me this year! Can't wait to see the next ones.


    1. Thank you Linda! I tried to do your work proud :-)
      Now I just need to decide what I am going to do next.

  4. I love your perseverance with the tinfoil ♥ I wanted to try alcohol inks with it, that's on my list of experiments, lol. You've made an elegant tag with the color choices!

    1. Thank you. I am so new to all of this, so that means a lot. I have a huge list myself...I might get some of it accomplished in my


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