Friday, September 13, 2013

I Won a Crazy Quil Purse by Pat Winter

I was lucky to participate in the Crazy Quilting 101 class through the "Artful Gathering" event.

I have admired Pat's work for what seems like forever, so the opportunity to learn anything from her was an extreme honor.

At the beginning of class everyone had a chance to throw their name in the pot to win one of Pat's amazing Crazy Quilt purses. 
I WON!!!!
I am now the proud new owner of a beautiful Crazy Quilt purse and the details are absolutely amazing!!!! Thank you again Pat!!!

I used the photo from Pat's Blog "Pat Winter Gatherings", because I have just not had the time to take my own pictures. I will soon though along with pictures of my Crazqy Quilt purse.

I encourage you to drop by Pat's Blog if you are not familiar with her work. 
Just bring your drool bib!!!

Until Next Time, Happy Sales


  1. YAY!! You, very pretty purse. I hope you have a great week end!
    Hugs, Kim

  2. How lucky Tracie! Pat's work is beautiful!

  3. Congrats on your win Tracie, the purse looks so lovely. I will send you the pattern to give it a try. If you have problems let me know.

  4. So glad you joined my class and very happy that you enjoy the purse. Blissful stitches!


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